1. What an interesting post – there were definitely some times I regretting becoming a mother. But now that my kids are older I find a lot of these things are returning to my previous “normal”. I can make time for reading, bathing, and dealing with the 1000 loads of laundry that are always waiting.
    Life is always changing, and the challenges of parenting change with it.
    (I’m going to share this on my FB page!)
    Jessica – A Modern Mom’s Life recently posted…My Blog Focus After A Year: Finding My NicheMy Profile

    • Chandra

      Thanks for your comment Jess. Parenting challenges don’t go away, they just change, like you said. hehe. Thanks for sharing too!

    • Jessica, your comment is quite reassuring for me! I got a 22 months old and a 2 months old, so I am exactly at that phase of rare showers and cold dinner plates. Taking a bath sounds like quite a luxury hehe.

  2. Interesting post Chandra. Thank you for being so open! This is something that I am sure many moms feel at some point. Few willing to admit out loud. Right now I am in the “heat” of motherhood – with a young toddler and a 2-months old. After reading, I know I have felt it… I did feel regret that some personal aspirations are slipping away. Squeezing them in-between naps and chores is just making days more stressful – so the hobbies and passions are put on the backburner till better days. Jessica’s comment is reassuring actually. The kids will grow and life will balance. For now I focus on enjoying the days with the babes. Even though often intense, I know this is a period that shall pass and will be missed.
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    • Chandra

      Thanks for your comment Nat. I really appreciate your input and honesty. I hope to have another baby in the near future as well but am more realistic about the expectations.

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