1. Alessandro

    Hi Chandra,
    what a great news, I am so happy for you and your Husband . I just can immagine how many suggestions and recommendations you already got from anyone around you. Forget all of them! You (both) have a blank book in your hand , no one should tell you how or what to do, the miracle is writing this new life together. But I don’t want to be different so I am going to leave my personal wishes and advise. I had Mattia 11 years ago and Chiara 8 years ago and I didn’t pay attention of what my great friend Yves (from France) told me. He sad : “the only thing I can ask you, for keeping this moment great as the best moment of your life, is to wait that day without asking for his/her gender. When you will have her/him on your chest for the first time and realize how your life has just changed forever , that will be the perfect moment, when you and your husband, will call her/him for the first time and forever.
    I wish you all the best
    a very big hug.

    ps: if will be a boy, consider Alex as one of the options ( just kidding)

    • Chandra

      Hi Ale! Thank you so much for your advice and comment! I love hearing positive birth stories. You sound like a great dad! big hugs!

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