1. I get sad when I hear experts say that everyone can breastfeed. While it is uncommon, Insufficient Glandular Tissue does happen. With my first daughter I was pretty much told if I had really wanted to breastfeed then I would have done it. I knew that wasn’t true. With my second daughter I was persistent and made sure that every nurse, doctor and LC would listen. I stayed in the hospital an extra day to be sure I had all the help I could get trying to breastfeed. During this time I had an examination and confirmed IGT. I just hope people that are not making any milk don’t get told what I did the first time(and you did). However, congratulations on finding out what worked for you and thanks for sharing!

    • Chandra

      Hi Britney, I had no idea IGT existed. Thank you for sharing that. Even though it is uncommon, I think it would be better if women were aware of it so they could eventually rule it out if they ran into problems with their milk supply.

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