1. This is great! My husband and I are in the baby planning stage right now (for our first! yay!) I obviously have no clue lol, what’s the difference between a baby blanket and a swaddling blanket? Can/should the baby sleep in the swaddling blanket? I’m definitely keeping this post bookmarked for the near future :D!

    • Chandra

      Hey Ashley! Congratulations! Being mother is truly the most amazing thing. It’s tough in the beginning but it’s sooooo worth it. A baby blanket is just a regular blanket whereas a swaddling blanket is thinner, a little more elastic and quite big so as to wrap up the baby snug so they can feel cuddled as if in the womb again. Swaddling blankets are great for babies to nap in as long as they don’t wriggle themselves out. However, when I put my baby down to sleep at night, I avoid any blankets whatsoever because of the risk of SIDS. He uses a sleep sack to keep warm at night. Let me know if you have any other questions. When are you due?

  2. Fab. Love your no bull approach. However I found the baby brush real handy! It has soft bristles for babies sensitive skin, so an adult brush wouldnt suffice. Great post otherwise! X

    • Chandra

      Thanks Bianca! Good to know about the baby brush as well. My baby is 9 months and still no hair so I haven’t had to use one yet. I have a few mamma friends that had babies that were born with loads of hair so maybe the baby brush came in handy for the them as well.

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