1. Lisa

    I love that you asked that one woman how much she charged for a massage as a retort. HAH! Serves her right for the assumption!

  2. Great blog Chandra. Italy is a different world and the best Italians seem to have left abroad for a better life. So its common to meet the other lot if you live in Italy currently. Do check my blog MilanKaRaja.com (Kind of Milan) written from an Indian student/expat’s perspective. Cheers!

  3. There were a couple of times (a long time ago) where I had to tell myself “Whoa! I was just stereotyped!” but that’s all over now. It happens all over the world.

    What throws me of thoughf, even to this day, is when filipinos mistake me as being one of them (from the motherland). When I tell them no, and that I’m an American from Hawaii, they back off. Geez, in Torino where we lived initially, they even gave me the stink eye!

    • Chandra

      haha! you are so right, it does happen all over the world. So interesting to hear about your experience as well. In my case, when filipinos start talking to me in Tagalog, I feel bad because I don’t know how to talk back. After I tell them that I’m Canadian and that my mom is filipina, it’s like I’ve almost disappointed them. haha.

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