1. Toni Lopez

    I enjoyed this anecdote you wrote. It is laughable now but I bet it wasn’t while it was happening to you. Thank you for giving this important tip about the Italian post office. And yes, I will remember to practice my genuine sorriso in case an Italian budges in front of me. Does it only work for Italians?

  2. Charmaine

    Ha ha Chandra I am sure we in South Africa copied the Italian post office business model. We too can pay utility bills, but lottery tickets, renew vehicle license registrations , banking services etc I am not sure if one can even post anything at a post office lol

  3. Great story! I remember getting so frustrated in the Turkish post office because they wouldn’t send my package because they thought it would break, even though it was really well wrapped. I was banging it on the counter to show them that it wouldn’t break but they just smiled and had some tea. I didn’t get to send my package that day. I should have tried the big smile method! Now that I live in Japan, it all runs much easier.

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