1. Great post! It reminded me of what learned as I integrated in Canada! I remember how the Canadian political correctness was so confusing for me when I just arrived from Eastern Europe. And so were the “mandatory” tips at restaurants. It almost drove me crazy that people are not direct in Canada. But now I learned how to read between the lines if necessary. And most of all I enjoy the politeness and respect that you get pretty much everywhere in Canada. Yet, it would be great to look up to those high Italian standards for food quality!
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    • Chandra

      Thank you so much for the comment! It’s so interesting to see your point of view as you made a similar journey but in the opposite direction. Political correctness is something my husband and I still argue about because, in fact, we Canadians are sooo picky about being politically correct that we go around in circles hinting what we want to say.

  2. I have to admit that after 14 years here, I feel neither American or Italian, but I love celebrating all the holidays on both sides. And I can nod in agreement to half of your list which just confirms my “on the fence” position!

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