1. I’m glad I found another italian food-lovin’ blogger who knows her street food/food truck stuff. I’ve yet to attend a Hop Hop event but then there are just so many organizers that it’s impossible to visit them all. I’m still working on the pics for the one we went to this past weekend. The most interesting (although not my favorite) street food specialty I’ve tried is the sicilian pani c’a meusa.

    • Chandra

      Hey Rowena,
      Thanks for stopping by. First, I love the name of your blog. Second, if you’re ever in Pavia, I would love to meet up and talk about all things expat! How long have you been living here for? And yes! Pani c’a meusa is a classic, although, I still haven’t had the courage to try it yet.

      • Been here since 2003 — it’s been quite the adventure, especially since it was such a huge change from life in the Hawaiian islands to rural living in the mountains of Lecco. I don’t think of myself as being italian, but my neighbors beg to differ with how I love eating, taking pics, and blah-blah-blahing all the time about italian food.

  2. Love Italian food and all of this looks absolutely delicious: Next time in Italy I’ll try to find some of the ones that I didn’t tried yet. Discovered you at the Food Friday Link up Party and loved your blog.

  3. Everything looks yummy! And oh that grilled octopus sandwich is calling me! Thank you for sharing this over at Food Friday! Excited to see what you’ll be sharing next. 😀

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