1. Laura Heather

    Hey! Canadian expat in Germany here. Yours is the only review on this box, so thanks so much for making a video and talking about nostalgic foods! I just signed up for a box this morning, so we’ll see how July goes. I agree with what you said, I may just do it every now and again, but those ketchup chips! haha enjoy 🙂


    • Chandra

      Thanks for checking out the review! How is Germany? I just got an email saying that my next expack is on the way. I saw that a Mr. Big and crispers all dressed are included so I decided not to suspend the box delivery. Will do another video. Let me know what you get in July bc I’ll probably be skipping that one.

  2. Peter

    I am seriously tempted (Jos Louis in the August box!) but am sorta terrified to find out what Austrian Customs will decide to charge me for my 40$ box of junk food…

    I would be curious to hear if you were charged customs on yours.

    • Chandra

      I was charged a total of 45 USD or 42,80 Euro. So, I wasn’t charged by Italian customs because shipping is 10 USD. I skipped the August box!

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