How I Ended Up in Italy

Expat story from Canada to Italy

From Canada to Italy

My story starts in Vancouver, Canada where I was born and raised.  However, the journey from Canada to Italy actually includes another continent, country and language:

In University, I studied for a year in Santiago, Chile where I met an Italian. I never thought I would see him again but a year later, we managed to meet up in various cities throughout North America and Europe. Shortly after, I moved to Italy with the intention of staying for only 6 months on my work-vacation visa.  3 months after I moved to Italy, I was hired to run an export department for an Italian company.  3 years later, the Italian and I got married. 3 years after we got married we got pregnant with our first baby.

Italian Life

In small town Italy, you work to live, you don’t live to work.  If you give yourself at least 6 months here, you will find yourself taking your time to eat, eating well, eating in company, meeting friends for aperitivo and enjoying the view.  In fact, Italy started the Slow Food and Slow Wine movement.

So, you’d think that after 7 years in Italy, I would slow down too. Well, not really. The city girl in me still lives and tends to pack my schedule tight! I run an export department during the day, teach urban dance and aerobics in the evenings and train, compete and perform with a ballet school in Pavia and an urban dance school in Milan. Even as I write this, at 5 months pregnant, I am still running around like the energizer bunny.

Even though my Italian husband was born and raised in the hills of Italy, he’s not so different from me either.  When I told him about my idea to start a blog on top of all the activities and jobs I already have, he said, “yeah, that’s a great idea!”

Random facts about me:

  1. I danced in a music video with Jovanotti
  2. I earned my ARCT (Associateship to the Royal Conservatory of Toronto) in piano performance (of course I did, my mom is Asian)
  3. I could live on seafood, veggies and foie gras.
  4. My husband is an oenologist for his family winery: Cantine Francesco Montagna and Bertè & Cordini
  5. I danced in the sponsor commercial for X-factor 9
  6. My favourite gelato is Fior di Menta from Grom
  7. I would love to perform in a musical at Teatro Luna (sigh)